Come to talk

We have a lot of relationships. With ourselves, with a partner, with work, with money, and with addictions. And we all have the right to be happy. Yet we are not. I will help you discover the real cause and how to cope with it.

“When you are in a relationship with people, in a thousand and one ways you are provoked, challenged, seduced. Again and again, you come to know your pitfalls, your limitations, your anger, your lust, your possessiveness, your jealousy, your sadness, your happiness. All the moods come and go, you are constantly in turmoil. But this is the only way to know who you are.”
OshoIndian mystic

Come to relax

When something hurts, your body may be whispering 'slow down.' And that you should figure out what has been bothering you for a long time. Listen to it and relax your body and mind with a therapeutic massage.

“Michal is very intuitive and bright. His experienced leadership supported me during the sessions. I had two sessions and both were amazing. My first session was shortly after my mother's death, and I was confused about my direction in life. Michal led me in a regression of my past, which was very deep. I found new intention and direction and moved to Australia half a year later. A year later, I had a second session. Michal tailored it for me to work with the energies of my inner male and inner female. His loving presence and precise observational talent helped me to see the communication 'blocks' between my two sides more clearly.”
Reference – Deena Jensen – terapie Vnitřní žena / vnitřní muž
Deeva Charlotte JensenSenior business consultant, Denmark
“Michal is an empathic therapist and he can quickly tune in and help find your inner truth. He's a true professional, and I highly recommend his therapy. It has helped me to realise the male and female polarity and the uniqueness in which they coexist. New to me was the discovery that they unconsciously subsidise each other, which results in a lot of unconscious behavioural patterns and energy loss. I focused on the subsidising part, giving my female aspect space and a voice during dialogue so that she could manifest herself and then meet the other half. This time in harmony and balance. This has brought me relief, harmony, and balance in everyday life situations where before there was an imbalance.”
Reference – Petr Gemza – terapie Vnitřní žena / vnitřní muž
Petr Nadeen GemzaMarketing Specialst, Prague
"I was recently fortunate to have met Michal and to have spoken with him about his approach to mental and physical therapies. I am personally and professionally interested in the medical healing of people. I attended his Ayurvedic Bodywork course, and I was very impressed by his ability to combine mental work with energy and physical therapy. I dare say that for some illnesses it is far better than invasive surgery. I would call it a surgery without cutting!”
Reference – S.J. – Terapeutická masáž BodyWork
S. J.Respekted Surgeon, UK
I had Michal's psychic massage. He started massaging my left leg (female side), which helped me relax, slow down, and connect with myself. My right leg (the male side) enjoyed his touch, his calm rhythm, and the love of his hands. Previously, my inner man felt somewhat lonely, but this sensitive support of another man impressed me pleasantly. My male´s energy felt trust in Michal and a friend in him. I highly recommend therapy with Michal.”
Reference - Jasnovidná masáž
Praphulla Antje WilhelmPsychotherapist and lecturer, Germany
"It was an absolutely exceptional and unprecedented experience for me. During the massage I had the feeling that I was asleep and at the same time I was awake and absorbing everything very intensively. I totally lost track of time that ran very fast. Unforgettable!"
Reference – Ayuervédská rebalanční terapeutická masáž
Vojtěch RohulánTax a Finance Advisor, Prague

I'm a therapist

 with 13 years of experience. The basic rule: we solve 80% of our problems on our own, but we don't know what to do about the rest. And it is precisely the rest that is burdening all our lives. I went through it myself…

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