I am a therapist

You may have accomplished everything you ever wanted, but continue to feel dissatisfied with life. Or something keeps bothering you, but you don't know what. I was the same. Sometimes I still am.

Cook, teach, and heal. Those were my childhood dreams. And they came true. I founded the first cooking school in the Czech Republic, opened a restaurant and now, as a therapist, I teach clients how to heal the soul. The cure for modern man combines expertise (therapy) and intuition (meditation).

It took me 10 years of training, practice, and a spiritual stay in India to learn the science of relationships. And to help myself first.

Because I have gone through what you are going through now.

Relationships that almost destroyed me

I experience my first intense relationship

During a stay in Croatia, fresh out of high school, I experience my first serious relationship. It was so intense that I ended up having thoughts of suicide. But then I had a near-death experience during a car crash and asked God for help.

I run away from all my relationships

In all of my relationships, affection quickly disappears, at least from my side. I solved it by running away. It gradually turned into an addiction, which I did not admit for many years. I'm now in a five-year relationship, which I am again trying to escape. I'm looking for the cause.

I deal with the past

It is only now, 16 years after my Croatian relationship, that I am able to talk with my ‘ex' about everything, close the past, and have a full relationship. Finally.

I'm a businessman and build my own career

I study in Italy and London

While studying hotel management, I attend a cooking school in northern Italy for 8 months. At the age of 16, I see zucchini, broccoli, and croissant for the first time. Back then, Czechs could only dream of them. A few years later, I moved to London to improve my cooking and English.

6 years in a corporation deceiving myself

I work in a corporation. Daily. I enjoy luxury, and I have enough of everything. But I realize that money, prestige, and position in society will not make you a satisfied person. I leave a lucrative job and seek my own self-realisation.

I start a cooking school

It's the year 2007. I start a new business - the first cooking school in the Czech Republic. It thrives, but it consumes all of my time and energy, which, after a few years, leads to a cooked psyche. Burnout. Depression. A life coach helps me. I employ 2 people and learn to relax.

I open a restaurant

I embark on other projects that fill me with a sense of satisfaction. I fulfill my childhood dream and open Ola Kala Bistro. It's gorgeous. But the operation is expensive. It's subsidised by the cooking school, and the fear of bankruptcy paralyzes me. I gain 3 difficult years of experience and ‘grow up.’

I'm drowning in depression and looking for a way out

I can’t get out of bed

One morning, I wake up without a hint of illness, but I can't get up from the bed. Depression beats me down for two weeks. I attend yoga and group therapy three times a week, where I meet normal people with normal problems. I learn to perceive, communicate openly, and accept the opinions of others. I feel better.

I find temporary relief

During therapeutic massage, I see pictures that prove to be real things from the masseuse's past. This strong connection and 'clairvoyant' intuition compel me to explore the world of meditation and therapy in more depth.

I learn to be a therapist

I attend a seminar on holotropic breathing, art therapy, and working with clay. I take walks in virgin nature. Then I attend weekend workshops on family constellations and the inner man/inner woman - I want to learn and try everything.

I help others with therapy

I spend two years in Italy practicing therapy under the guidance of a therapist named Sagarpriya, who has lived for 30 years in India and studied directly with the mystic Osha. We become friends, and I become her assistant in training and workshops.

The spiritual path saves my life

I'm doing well, but I soon hit a wall

I return to the cooking school and do more and more business. Suddenly comes a quick stop. My doctor scares me with a possible sclerosis diagnosis, maybe a tumor. But an examination rules it out, and everything points instead to psychosomatic manifestations. Fatigue, stress, and pressure take their toll.

I embark on a spiritual journey

I take 2 years off for health reasons. I travel to the Danish countryside and become part of a local community at OSHO RISK Meditation and Therapy Centre. From there, I journey to India and stay at the Osho Meditation Resort for three months. Work, meditation, and therapy. And rest.

Therapy needs the body and soul

In addition to the spirit, I heal the body. From Ayurvedic doctor and healer, Shika, I learn deep-oil massage with the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Their interconnection triggers a self-healing process, improving physical and mental functions.

I find inner peace

Time passes and more training before I can somehow come to terms with myself. Even after 13 years of futile attempts, I quit smoking. There continue to be ups and downs, but I look at them from a distance. I continue to attend courses, training, seminars, and therapy. I work on myself. And I also help clients.

of continuous training and practice
of training in style of Gestalt, Osho and hypnosis
a day so I can stay in tune

Education and Training

Energy Work Star Sapphire Male/Female Eneergywork Training 
2009 – 2010, Italy, Assisi – trainer Sagarpriya DeLong (USA)

Energy Work Star Sapphire Male/Female Eneergywork supervize
praxis, assistance 2011 – 2018, Italy, Portuguese – trainer Sagarpriya DeLong (USA)

Ayurvedic Balance Bodywork
2011 India, Pune trainer - Shikha

Retraining massage course, Prague 2011 + other certificates (Ayurvedic head massage, rice and herbal pouch massage, reflexology foot massage, Tujna massage, cupping, and honey massage).

Psychic massage
2016 - 2018, Italy, Assisi – trainer Sagarpriya DeLong (USA)

The Heart of Presence Training
2016 – 2017, Denmark, Jutaland, trainer– Nishant Matthews (USA)

The Painting Art Therapy
(monthly acrylic painting training + coloured ink)
Selfportrait, Primal, Nature painting 2011, India, Pune – trainer Meera (Japan)

One-year training in family constellations, 2018, Czech Republic, Prague, Jan Bílý, trainer

"Everyday psychology", Charles University Prague
2020 - 2021, Czech Republic


Come to talk

We have a lot of relationships. With ourselves, with a partner, work, money, and addictions. And we all have the right to be happy. Yet we are not. I will help you discover the real cause and how to cope with it.

Come to relax

When something hurts, your body may be whispering 'slow down.' And that you should figure out what has been bothering you for a long time. Listen to it and relax your body and mind with a therapeutic massage.